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EOD Warrior foundation


The EOD Warrior Foundation (EODWF) serves the EOD community by providing financial assistance and support to active-duty and veteran wounded, injured or ill EOD warriors, families of our wounded and fallen EOD warriors and by maintaining the EOD Memorial.

In 2013, the Foundation served more than 187 EOD families. Their support included $338,997 in financial assistance to 90 families; 20 of which were newly combat injured EOD technicians; $95,000 in scholarships to 36 EOD dependents; $28,201 for retreats; $12,228 for the care of the EOD Memorial and ceremony; and covered the expenses for 11 Honoree families to attend the memorial weekend when their loved one was added to the EOD Memorial Wall. In addition to warrior retreats, they hosted the Foundation’s first caregiver retreat and family events, and continue to expand their support to EOD family members.

As they meet the current needs of those who serve, they continue to prepare to meet the long-term and future needs of the EOD family by building the Foundation’s endowment, which grew to $2,684,622 in 2013. The Foundation operates with the core belief that the EOD family is for life and the endowment will continue to enable them to fulfill their ongoing pledge to serve EOD warriors and their families for years to come.

I.    Financial Relief

The EOD Warrior Foundation provides financial assistance to EOD warriors and families to help alleviate the financial burdens and stress during their most difficult times. The foundation awards two types of grants; initial grants and follow-on grants.

Initial Grants for wounded warriors: The foundation believes the family is an integral part of the healing and rehabilitation process and strives to quickly reunite the EOD technician with their family. A $3,000 grant is issued to provide immediate financial support to newly combat-injured EOD personnel and their families when they return stateside for treatment. The grants are often used to bring together a wider circle of family support for the wounded warrior and their immediate family.

Follow-on Grants: Additional awards are granted to wounded, injured and ill EOD personnel and families of wounded and fallen warriors on a case-by-case basis. These awards provide financial assistance for expenses such as child care, adaptive equipment, retreats, travel expenses and debt relief.

II.   Education

The EOD Warrior Foundation awards education scholarships to EOD family members, with priority given to family members of fallen and wounded EOD warriors. The scholarships are intended to assist with tuition, books and fees at two- and four-year colleges. Scholarship funds are awarded competitively to eligible students, based on academic merit, community involvement, and financial need.

III.  Hope and Wellness

The foundation provides additional support and resources to assist our EOD warriors and families as they face many challenges and changes and uncertainty in their lives. We help to create a network of mentors and connections to resources to assist them as they move through the recovery and grief process and adjust to a new life.

Keeping connected.
Warrior and family care. We help create peer visitor relationships with our EOD personnel by having outpatient EOD technicians and their families checking in on newly wounded, ill and injured EOD warriors. Our wounded care staff does weekly visits to meet with the warrior and their families and hosts various events throughout the year.  The foundation also provides iPads and internet access for inpatient personnel to stay connected to distant family, friends and their military units.

As warriors, their families, and caregivers continue through the long process of recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration, the foundation is there is to provide meaningful support and assistance. The foundation seeks to provide comfort, support and assistance for families of wounded and fallen EOD warriors; and to connect them with support systems and other families to let them know they are not alone. The foundation staff reaches out to families to provide emotional support and helps to get them connected to the EOD community.

Types of our support and resources are:

  • Connections to fellow warriors for peer support and mentoring
  • Visits and sustained outreach and contact with warriors
  • Morale events that include, retreats, dinners and various other activities
  • Connect warriors to resources and support systems
  • Job preparedness assistance

IV.  EOD Memorial Care

Wounded WarriorThe EOD Warrior Foundation is dedicated to honoring the legacy of our fallen EOD warriors by providing for the maintenance and care of the EOD Memorial at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. The EOD Memorial honors EOD warriors who gave their lives in the performance of their duties. Names on the memorial date back to the formation of the EOD specialty in  World War II.

Our support includes financial assistance and additional services such as morale events, peer-to-peer support, educational programs, connections to resources and sustained contact with our EOD warriors and their families. The foundation believes that the EOD family is for life. Our ongoing mission is to disarm the challenges of the EOD family by providing our support with compassion and caring to every individual we serve.

The EOD Warrior Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that was established through the March 1, 2013 merger of the EOD Memorial Foundation and the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation to streamline and increase our capacity to support the EOD community.


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